As an Amateur Radio enthusiast  i have the obligation to bring  young people close to communications.

I 'm not at all enthusiastic about the lack of freedom  communicating through third parties, as smart mobile phones, tablets and the p.c. s . 

I think we are under  monitoring our profile on presidencies in  anything and by that violates our privacy.

 The independent communications  are out of the control of a company .  

Second reason is, that we must teach our children, that they can reach the satellites.

NASA asked us to have automatic control to our antennas.
 That  wasn't my choose .
School didn't pay to me nothing 

Deside to use YAESU G5500  YAESU GS232B  and some software.
I had committed and I was determined to realize my promise to children.


Fred's Osterman Shortwave Receivers Catalog

Ευχαριστώ τον Κύριο OSTERMAN για την καλοσύνη του να με συμπεριλάβει στους εξωτερικούς συντελεστες του έργου του που ειναι μια συλλογή Ραδιοφωνικών Δεκτών του Δυτικού Κόσμου.

I would like  to thank Mr. Fred Osterman N8EKU for his gentle kindness to include me among the contributors, in his new edition of shortwave Receivers. In the 800 page Collection has 1700 Shortwave Communications Receivers manufactured, from 370 Manufactures, in 40 countries, from 1942 - 2013.



theese stocks are not mine. I just found on the net some pics